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Bethan Parfitt

My journey began over 15 years ago with a passion to support others undergoing challenging times, taking me down the path to qualifying as a Counsellor.  Experiencing and witnessing the connections between mental and emotional distress and physical ailments ignited a passion in me for holistic and natural ways to nourish and nurture the whole person.

Each therapy training began with an interest, led to a desire to explore and experience on a deeper level, and continues to hold a special place in my heart.

I have been privileged to be able to experience being a “young mum” and an “older mum”.  My pregnancy and birth journey at 19 and 22 years old was very different to 36.  At 36 I had developed enough self-care tools to naturally support my health and wellbeing, and make more informed choices. The journey of trying to conceive and become a mum again in my late 30’s with an underactive thyroid led me towards Reproductive Reflexology.  I believe that the techniques of this approach supported my conception, pregnancy, and prepared my body for birth.  My daughter was stuck during a ‘shoulder dystocia’ birth.  Neither myself or my daughter suffered lasting effects. I feel blessed that my experiences, and knowledge and training had given me the holistic support required, thus cementing my belief and excitement to be able to share this with other women.

In 2018 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I truly began to understand the meaning of faith, trust, and love on the deepest level, within myself and others.  Drawing on my professional knowledge and training I nurtured my body, mind, and soul.  I learned the importance of asking myself what I needed on a daily basis, and gave myself permission to accept that nurturing.  Each day felt different and therefore my self-care was different.  Some days I would give time to my mental and emotional focus and rebalancing, some days I was drawn to supporting my physical body through massage and gentle Yoga movement.  I regularly used Reflexology to balance and support my body. Reiki brought peace, spiritual connection and strength.  I believe that my approach and contribution to my health and wellbeing made a great difference to my journey and how I coped on every level.  I realised that my “professional training” had been the perfect preparation for one of my biggest challenges so far.

My passion and love continues to be the sharing of, and giving the opportunity to experience natural complementary support.  A space to heal and grow.


​Peace of mind… inner harmony… physical balance.

Bethan Parfitt Divine Blossom

I'm a Counsellor, Reflexologist & Wellbeing Practitioner

Counselling & Supervision

  • BACP registered with over 15 years of experience

  • Fertility, menopause, women's health

  • Domestic violence and sexual abuse

  • Children and young people - self harm, anxiety, eating disorders, LGBTQ, domestic abuse, bullying

  • Military 

  • Advocacy for children, young people and families with special educational needs and disabilities

  • Multiagency working, safeguarding and child protection 


  • Self care relaxing treatments

  • General wellbeing, long term illness and pain management

  • Fertility, menopause, women's health

  • Maternity, post natal

  • Baby, toddler, children and young people

  • Stress management


  • Reiki

  • Weleda wellbeing and skincare advisor, and representative

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