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The day that I felt completely terrified of my body was the day that I found out that I had breast cancer.  There were two lumps in my breast and two in my armpit - it had begun to spread.  The darkness dimming my inner light.


I couldn’t be alone with my body.  I felt so threatened, unsafe and scared.  


There was a comfort in having somebody with me at all times.  Even when taking a shower, I would insist that either my husband or eldest daughter would sit in the bathroom and talk to me. It felt safer, as though somehow, they could stop me from being killed by me … by my body.


In that moment, it wasn’t my body but my mind that had the power to kill me - scared of myself!  The what ifs and the dark pictures being painted.  I had become my biggest threat.


There was no protecting me.  


Until I realised that I was my most powerful remedy!


My mind was indeed a high-powered tool.  It had the potential to ruin me or rescue me.  My mind became my armour.


The positive stories that I embraced and visualised.


The mantras that I repeated to build focus and strength.


My breath became a force that soothed my whole being, dissolving anxiety and loosening the grip of fear.


I allowed my physical to be treated by a wonderful medical team.  The harshness of the treatment reflected the severity of the threat.  I nurtured my body’s response to the chemical invasion, embracing compassion and comfort in a way that was so new to me.  I was learning to interpret and respond to the subtle cues that my body was giving me.


Trust grew and connection deepened as I took each day as it came.  Slowly, the transformation that happened was truly within, on all levels.


There are many reasons why people mentally sever the connection to their body.  Reconnecting can mean plugging into pain and trauma.  Finding the inner strength to acknowledge the feeling of deep betrayal of the body, the disappointment and sadness that is bitterly lying dormant can open the doorway to forgiveness.  To embrace compassion and know that you are one, and as a whole you will be stronger. The realisation that even in the most terrifying situations both body and mind are your most loyal companions.  The mind trying hard to protect you from the physical trauma and the body adapting to whatever is needed to survive the conditions.  Understanding the delicate relationship, the intricate connections, that so effortlessly communicate, will pave the way to finding harmony within the chaos.

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  • divineblossom

How to be supportive to someone with fertility issues

I work with women who are facing difficulties along their journey towards conception. I often hear how the news of a friend's pregnancy has impacted on them or how the constant inflow of advice from family and friends is overwhelming. I work with women to build their inner strength, resilience and self-help tools to rebalance following uncomfortable conversations and situations. If you know somebody who is facing fertility issues, go back to the connection that you have with them. Be open and honest and ask them what they need, how can you best support them? Don't assume that you know what's best for them.

This article by Nicky Reed from Nature 4 life offers a very helpful guide on how to support a friend or loved one who is experiencing fertility issues. It can feel extremely lonely when going through fertility treatment, by remaining present instead of recoiling through fear of not knowing how to be, could make a huge difference to somebody. Be the light that brightens somebody's dark day.

Follow the link below to read the full article

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  • divineblossom

Balancing the scales

I feel a deep sense of gratitude that I work with women to find balance within their lives. “I just need to find balance …” “if I could just balance things life would be better ….” Finding balance becomes the solution but also a dream that feels unobtainable. “When I get to this point, I’ll feel more balanced and happier ….” “Life will be better when I find balance”

My questions are always the same … “how will you know that you have found balance?” “How will you feel when you’re balanced?” “What will be different in your every day when there’s balance?”

So many of us make changes in the hope that we will find a feeling that we’re searching for, labelling the change as balance. Interpreting this as structure and organisation.

Balance is like a scale that is constantly moving. Finding balance will feel different every hour, every day, needing a different approach depending on energy levels, amount and quality of sleep, what tasks you have that day etc. Is there a need for more physical or emotional strength? There are so many aspects that can influence the scales, however having a tool bag of self-care and self-kindness will support balancing out that scale.

Balance is a feeling within not a schedule on paper. We can manage our diaries according to time allowance and task which is organised and useful, however how much consideration is given to the level of energy required for the task? What will you physically and emotionally need to balance out your day?

In my experience listening to your physical body offers so much wisdom into what your next step towards feeling balanced could be. The physical symptoms that we experience are our body’s way of communicating that the scale is moving out of balance. So often our response to this communication is to ignore and push on through … “I’ll just finish this and then I’ll eat, oh but this needs to be done, after this I will eat …”

Putting your own physical and emotional needs at the top of your to do list will be the most effective self-help tool you can have in your tool bag!

I invite you to take a few minutes to really notice what balance feels like for you. Make it a comfortable and familiar feeling and experience. When something feels unfamiliar, as humans we will revert to what is familiar and, in some cases, this is high stress, extremely busy and exhausted. None of which has a positive impact on our long-term health.

I offer women a safe, confidential space to explore and restore physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

For more information about the services that I offer contact me direct - I’d love to hear from

Thank you tiny Buddha for sharing this beautiful image.

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