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Are you trying for a baby?

For some conceiving can happen relatively quickly and naturally, however for many this is not the case. The number of couples experiencing difficulties conceiving is on the rise and many are offered fertility treatment such as IVF/ICSI with very little understanding of why they are experiencing difficulties to allow them the opportunity to conceive naturally.

ReproflexologyTM (Reproductive Reflexology) is the study and treatment of male and female reproductive conditions and fertility issues using reflexology. I have trained in ReproflexologyTM and I am a member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologist. I offer an integrative approach to reproductive health, fertility and conception. ReproflexologyTM is very much at the heart of the treatments I offer, taking an integrative health approach creating prescriptive bespoke packages designed to meet the individual needs of the client. I offer the opportunity to nurture and support the physical, emotional and mental aspects when trying to conceive.

The article "What is ReproflexologyTM?" was written by Barbara Scott, the Chair of Association of Reproductive Reflexologist, Founder of Seren Natural Fertility and author of Reflexology for Fertility. Follow the link to read this article and find out more about fertility, this wonderful treatment and how others have benefitted from it .


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